The new Cosmos is basically The Magic School Bus + computer graphics.

Every episode Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s like, “Climb aboard my tiny spaceship, y’all! We’ve got ourselves an entire Universe to explorrrrrrre!”

X-Men: Days of Future Past | Official Trailer 3

Sooo excited for this movie and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 to land in theaters next month!

Stories of Liberation - SF Chipotle Closes in Face of International Protest

In a world filled with violence against animals, only a lucky few will ever be freed. DxE shared their stories.

Join our April Day of Action: Gone but not Forgotten. 

via The Verge:

1. The Internet is Fucked
2. Obama creates exception for NSA to exploit internet security flaws

I’m rewatching the complete series of Battlestar Galactica. Not bingeing, but deliberately making my way through a few episodes per week. I’m only on s01e6 if you want to watch along.

Oh God, it’s the Gay Mafia!

They’ll do anything to silence us!!!

It’s still legal in 29 states to fire anyone for being gay, but who cares? One straight white dude working in an industry dominated by other straight white dudes comes under criticism for his anti-equality views and people lose their shit.

It took a petition signed by over 65,000 people calling for Brendan Eich’s resignation and he still had a choice whether or not to step down. In 29 states, if you’re gay, all it takes is one asshole boss with a grudge against the gays and you can kiss your job goodbye. 

So much for liberal “tolerance!”

An important part of creating a just society isn’t tolerating absolutely EVERYTHING, it’s knowing when to refuse to tolerate views that lead to injustice.

Radar Dog on Couch

Radar Dog on Couch

A list of every slogan NBC has ever had:


1956: The Color Network

1957: NBC Living Color

1963: Startime

1965: Have the Time of Your Life with NBC

1967: If it’s Really Special, it’s on NBC

1970: It’s All Happening on NBC

1972: This Fall, NBC Has it All

1973: Come and See NBC ‘73

1974: Turn on the Network of the New NBC

1975: You’re Gonna Like it a Lot!

1976: NBC: The Network of America

1976: All the Best

1978: NBC See Us

1979: It’s the New NBC

1979: Proud as a Peacock

1981: Our Pride is Showing

1982: We’re NBC, Just Watch Us Now

1983: Be There

1984: Let’s All Be There

1986: Come Home to NBC

1988: Come Home to the Best… Only on NBC

1990: The Place to Be

1991: It’s a Whole New NBC

1992: NBC is Only One

1993: The Stars are Back on NBC

1996: The Network is You

1997: I Love NBC

1999: It’s Only NBC

2000: In the Heart of America

2002: Enjoy the Best Moments

2003: Always with You

2005: America’s Latenight Leader

2007: Comedy Night Done Right

2008: There’s Something New Happening at NBC

2009: Chime In

2010 (-present): More Colorful

1979 & 1981


RGB Vegan: Fruit Nachos + Overnight Oats

In this episode of RGB Vegan, I trade recipes with my friend Shaili. Watch and learn to make vegan fruit nachos and overnight oats.

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Thanks so much for swapping recipes with me, Shaili! This is by far my favorite RGB Vegan yet. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time I was editing. 

Check it out!

Are you a member of PETA? — Asked by Anonymous



I can’t wait until our generation becomes teachers that actually know how to make a video full screen and get the god damn cursor out of the way